Find Replace in Files Tool

EditRocket provides a Find / Replace in Files Tool that can be accessed via the Search - Find / Replace in Files menu item or via the default keyboard shortcut of Shift + C + F.

Selecting the Find / Replace in Files tool displays the Find / Replace dialog. If the find button is pressed, the found text is displayed in a window with clickable icons to take the user to the exact line of text in the file where the text was found.

Users can specify the file type to search in, and the directory to start the search. There is a match case option, and the ability to search sub directories.

Specifying *.* for the file type will cause EditRocket to search for all file types. Specifying a file extension (i.e. .php) will cause EditRocket to only search in files with that extension.

If the Replace All button is pressed, all found text is replaced with the text in the Replace With box. A window showing where all of the text was replaced displays after the replace operation is complete.

Note: Doing a replace all in the find and replace in files tool is not an undoable operation.